Meet the Team




Who do I see and for what?


Supports patients managing long-term conditions and leads on screening and immunisation programmes.


Provides overarching responsibility for patent care and handles most serious, acute, and complex issues direct.

Healthcare Assistant

Works within the nursing team, providing hands-on care eg. dressings, blood pressures. ECGs and many more diagnostic processes.

Nursing Associate

Work with healthcare support workers and registered nurses to deliver care for patients and the public.

Physician Associate

Support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients.

Community Nurse

Provide an important educational and advisory service for patients and families.

Clinical Pharmacist

Having a clinical pharmacist in the GP team means you can be treated by the best person to meet your needs.

Pharmacy Technician

Works under licensed pharmacist to prepare and dispense medications to patients and medical providers.

Medical/GP Assistant

Provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties.

Mental Health Practitioner

Their role is to build effective relationships with people who use mental health services, and also with their relatives and carers.

Social Prescriber

Not a clinician, but can advise on service availability, signposting patients to the appropriate clinician, supporting patients in access to social services.

First Contact Practitioner

Relatively new role in the NHS. Initially will involve providing physiotherapy advice/remedies, but will eventually expand to psychology and paramedic task providers.


Undertakes most blood-taking functions, thus avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.