Patient Charter





The aim of this practice is to meet the health needs of the population it serves.  Meeting needs means having obligations and responsibilities to each other. These are as follows:


Patient Rights

What to expect from us

Our endeavours are to make you as comfortable as possible while you wait for your appointment.

  • To be received by staff with courtesy.
  • To be received in a safe and friendly environment.
  • To be registered with a General Practitioner provided:
  1.          a) You meet the criteria for General Medical Services under the NHS.
  2.          b) The doctor agrees to accept you.
  3.          c)  You live within our catchment area.
  4.          d) Our lists are open.

What to expect from us if you cannot be registered

  • To receive immediately necessary treatment if appropriate.
  • To receive a practice leaflet giving details about procedures and services provided.
  • To make an appointment with the doctor of your choice if he/she is available.  However, if you attend as an emergency, you will have to see the duty doctor of the day.
  • To receive appropriate medication and medical advice and to be made aware of all General Medical Services available within the practice.
  • To be referred for specialist opinion where appropriate, if possible at the hospital of your choice, but one which falls within the contracting agreement of the Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • To review your medical records upon submitting a written request, subject to the provisions of the law.
  • To know that all NHS staff are under a legal obligation to observe confidentiality at all times.
  • To choose whether or not to take part in medical research or medical student’s training.
  • To receive a full and prompt reply to any complaints.
  • To make comments and suggestions about the services we provide and for us to take notice and take them into consideration for the purposes of planning.
  • To be provided with information about changes in the practice procedures that affect you.

What we expect from you

Your Obligation To Us:

  • That you treat our staff with courtesy.
  • That you respect our premises.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not use mobile phones in the building.
  • That you turn up on time for your appointment.
  • If you cannot attend, please telephone and cancel.  Someone else can then be offered that appointment.
  • That you appreciate that some consultations take longer than others.
  • That you appreciate that you cannot always see the doctor of your choice.
  • That you see the clinical and nursing members of our team when we refer you.  They are also specialists in their own right.
  • That you take advantage of the various doctor and nurse run clinics for:  Diabetes, Asthma, Smear Tests, Blood Pressure Checks, Child Health Surveillance, Childhood Immunisations, Travel Advice and Inoculations.
  • You do not always need to see a doctor first, you can self-refer to some of these clinics.
  • That you remember to allow sufficient time (2 working days) when ordering repeat prescriptions.
  • Repeat prescription requests must be in writing,  in person or by email.