Covid Vaccination Update




Household contacts of patients who are severely immunocompromised (age 12-15) 

Household members who live with a person who is severely immunocompromised can access the Covid vaccine (This mainly includes children age 12-15 who are not currently offered the vaccine in the wider cohort).

Please contact Dr Natalie Cole at the surgery and add your name to the queries list to access this.


Third Doses (For immunocompromised) 

The hospital team are recommended as the first point of contact for approval of third doses. See below:

The joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises that a third dose be given for individuals age 12 and over with immunosuppression which applies across a number of health conditions. This is being advised as a precautionary measure to increase your immunity level and provide a better vaccine response based on studies and experience with other vaccines. It is part of a primary course of vaccination and is separate to a booster vaccination which patients may become eligible for in 6 months’ time, pending further advice. 

We recommend you contact your hospital consultant to discuss optimal timing to receive your vaccine which must be at least 8 weeks after your second dose. They can complete a form to refer you for the vaccine. 

If you are not under a hospital consultant or are unable to access this advice please re-contact us here at the surgery and we will assist. 

For more advice on the vaccination visit the NHS Website.

Published: Oct 7, 2021