PPG: Meeting Minutes 7th September 2022



  • Date: 7th September 2022
  • Time: 3:00pm via Teams
  • Attendees: Ingrid Babcock (IB)- PPG Patricia Idusogie (PI) PM, Ashok Jadeja (AJ) - PPG , Adrienne Banks (AB), Mary Weaving (MW) – Deputy Chair, PPG, Esther Meyerson (EM) Chair, John Rokos (JR), Gary Beard (GB), Sheila Connellan (SC), Sioux Thorn (ST)

Agenda Items

Welcome & Apologies: (EM)

EM welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies were received from Jud Barker, Mary Oliver, Mary Connolly, Sue Hunter, Victorine Martineau & VIv.

Esther thanked everyone for well wishes.

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting (EM)

Last meeting minutes agreed.

Patient information in various languages. We are creating patient information leaflets/ posters, working through the most popular language demographic to SGP first.

Agreed. Can be published

Practice Updates (GB, SC, ST & PI)

Matters arising from the last meeting:

  • Practice meeting with Haringey Healthwatch
    • Still Pending. We have contacted them, and we are hoping to get dates. PPG requesting an Oct/Nov AGM. Esther and Mary are happy to attend and support.
  • PPG Membership – any progress to report?
    • Posters are up. The receptionist are promoting the PPG to patients especially when patients are registering.
    • We plan to add the poster to our new calling board system.
    • We are investigating whether we can add this as a message on to the telephone message while patients are holding.
    • The Chair requested that membership to the PPG will require members to have a suitable level of English, both spoken and reading as we do not have access to translators.
  • Any news on CQC inspection?
    • We have not date yet, but we are working through on our processes and policies and we are preparing.
    • EM asked if we could inform the PPG know as the CQC may want to have a PPG Review.
  • EM is away from the 20th of October to November 15th.

Practice Report

Feeding back on incoming calls.

We made great improvements since April, are percentage of answered calls was 51.1%, May was 63.9%, June 63.8%, July 70.7%, and August 73.7%. The phone statistics are shared with the staff to motivate them.

The question was asked as to how the call back system works? The clinical staff will call the patient at least twice when the patient has missed the first call. The receptionist can view how many attempts the clinician has made to reach the patient and they can assist by sending a screen message to the clinician to contact the patient.

EM has used the system and she mentioned that it was successful.

AB asked if staff could leave their phone number when they try to call a patient as it makes it easy to reach the staff rather than going through the phone menu.

New Patient Call-in System

This is the system that the clinical staff use to call patients in from the waiting area. We can add important messages such Flu campaign messages, join the PPG messages and how to use eConsult messages etc.

We place important messages that are relevant and ensure the messages are up to date.


We have the following staff vacancies advertised:

  • 1 GP
  • 1 Practice Nurse
  • 1 receptionist

The Baby clinic GP will be going on maternity leave in October, so here clinics are to be covered by the practice GPs. We are in the process of advertising for this maternity cover.

Flu and Covid Booster vaccination

  • Flu vaccine delivery due October 3rd, 2022
  • SGP will plan the delivery of vaccines in line with their clinics
  • SGP will run clinics in the week. No decision as yet to whether there will be a Saturday flu clinic
  • Express Pharmacy near to Wood Green will be offering flu in the next week or 2.

Covid Booster

  • Being managed by the federation
  • Some pharmacies will be doing this.
  • Waiting for confirmation of the make of vaccine to be offered?

Social Prescribing

  • Staunton has a social prescriber 4 days a week. She also runs the Thursday lunchtime walks.
  • What does the social prescriber do?
  • Social prescribers hold a wealth of information of local services available that can help patients with social, not medical, needs. Her role is coordinating care for patients who are lonely, patients needing wheelchairs, items fixed in their homes.

ICS – what are they?

Integrated Care System Explained - ICS

Do patients have a place on the board? Public Voice are elected to be the patient representation.

Haringey Healthwatch Network – their next meeting is about the social prescriber role and feedback on the 16/10/2022.

Any other business

  • AB – Wood Green Library had a team there taking BP, health checks, Cholesterol checks will be there every Wednesday.
  • The pilot scheme is run by OneYou Haringey.
  • Wood Green Hub – hours not suitable as 9-5 for those who are working.
  • Haringey Healthwatch are looking for volunteers to go out across the borough for a pilot project monitoring hypertension in the borough.

Extended Hours

The primary Care Network have agreed between them for West Green Practice to undertake the extended hours on behalf of the practices. Patients will be offered appointments via the practice reception team. The hours are between 6.30pm to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm Saturday.

This arrangement will be for 6 months with a review down the line.

Terms of Reference

EM ask if could get a draft version out before the next PPG meeting to be discussed at the next PPG. This will be helpful for the next AGM.

Ingrid/ Ashok has some questions to put to Esther – they will be arranging a meeting.

Date of the Next Meeting

October 19th, 2022 @ 3pm via Teams.