PPG: Meeting Minutes 6th December 2023



  • Date: 6th December 2023
  • Time: 3pm via Zoom
  • Attendees: Adrienne Banks (AB), Dr George Zumbadze (GZ) Hurley, Louise Regan (LR), Patricia Idusogie (PI) PM Hurley, Mary Weaving (MW) (acting Chair), Sioux Thorn (ST) Hurley
    Unless otherwise stated, attendees are PPG members

Agenda Items

Welcome & Apologies: (MW)

MW welcomed all to the meeting.  Apologies were received, Ashok, and Sue Hunter.

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting 

The previous meeting minutes for the October 25th, 2023, meeting was discussed and agreed. 

Practice Report

  • Dr Ferduche Miah, who is our new salaried GP, joined us on November 27th, 2023. Dr Miah will be working 4 sessions, Monday, and Tuesday 8:30am to 17:30pm. We are excited that she has joined the team, she was introduced to us by Dr George.
  • We are also recruiting for new Receptionist/Admin staff as we have 1 full time who returned from maternity leave drop her hours from full time to part time hours.  We have also had two full time staff dropped their hours to return to school and we had 1 full time staff who had been with us for a year and 8 months left for better position. So, we currently looking to hire two full time and two part time staff. We interviewed on Tuesday and Wednesday we have 3 staff that we have offered positions to.
  • We have added on walking in Flu clinics daily to improve our Flu vaccine uptake.  Even though patients have the option to book into the clinics many patients are declining the flu vaccine. I would say it could be vaccine fatigue. MW had asked if a patient has had Shingles do patients still need to obtain the shingles vaccine? DR GZ said that even though having shingles already would prevent having shingles, having the vaccine will help to prevent shingle.
  • Phone Calls - Our percentage of calls answered in the month of November72%, in October we were at 78.5%. Due to staff sickness this has impacted the percentage of calls answered.  With the dedicated lines for immunisation and smear calls we can manage the incoming calls better.  

Dr Camatchee’s Wellbeing proposal

MW asked if there was any update regarding Dr Camatchee’s wellbeing proposal. The proposal for funding has not been put through. The ANP (Advance Nurse Practitioner) who was going to file for a scholarship which gives five nurses, £5000 through the Queens Nursing institute programme, has realised that the process to apply for the funding is a tedious process and she does not have the time to go through the process.

Funding is certainly needed for a project of this kind.  Dr Camatchee is looking for local funding from other areas. Secondly, we would need permission from the landlord to start any project like this on the premises. LR asked if we could have other ways to promote wellbeing within the practice. 



Next meetings

February 1st 2024 at 3pm via ZOOM