PPG: Meeting Minutes 28th April 2022



  • Date: 28th April 2022
  • Time: 3:00pm via Teams
  • Attendees: Ingrid Babcock (IB)- PPG  Patricia Idusogie (PI) PM Ashok Jadeja (AB) - PPG Esther Meyerson (EM)- Chair PPG Mandy Oliver (MO) John Rokos (JR) - PPG Mary Weaving (MW) –  Deputy Chair,  PPG Gary Beard (GB) Sheila Connellan (SC) Sioux Thorn (ST) Faye Oliver (FO) From Whittington Health Trust

Agenda Items

Welcome & Apologies: (EM)

EM welcomed all to the meeting.  Apologies were received from Jud Barker, Adrienne & Viv

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting (EM)

Last meeting minutes agreed.

Previous meetings, original not for publication and kept as the original. Posted minutes will exclude the comments.

Wood Green Health Hub & Community Diagnostic Centre Presentation by Faye Oliver

Faye informed the group that there were 2 project in the Mall at Wood Green. 1st – Community Diagnostic centre. There are 41-centres around the country. There is one at Finchley Memorial Hospital and 1 will be in Wood Green Shopping Mall.

At the centre, there will be an Eye screening clinic and blood test clinic. The Hub is scheduled to open in August/September 2022.

Health Hub in Central Wood Green, consultations running to the 18th May. The services that are been offered are:

  • Creating a central health hub involving community services - Podiatry, audiology, community dentistry etc.
  • Hornsey Wood Green Practice looking to be part of this – co-late.  
  • Council and local hospital trusts looking to be part of it
  • Looking for a modern facility that is fit for purpose. 
  • Not removing other hubs – will be additional and central.
  • Improve accessibility to health care and a group space for the community
  • Change of building  - hub will create a better space to provide community services

How to have your say – link to survey, email address included in the notes 

Practice updates (GB,SC, ST & PI)

eConsult - have been training the staff in use of eConsult, how to help patients, directing patients to the website. To encourage patients to use the system. Patients raising concerns of the clunkiness of it. eConsult tool is used by the practice and feedback is given back to the developers.

Patient feedback that in the past many eConsults were not responded in the timeframe given.

Receptionists not knowing the process and mis-informing the patient

Important that patients feel they can trust the process and that it is being actioned. It would be useful to explain to patients how we deal with our eConsults. ACTION: To have this information added to the website. 
It is important that as a practice we have a way to investigate when made aware of issues.

New Staff: Two New Associate Partners: Dr George Zumbadze started on the 1st April. Dr Alice Bell will be joining at the end of June. 2 Clinical Pharmacists start in May.

Participation in meetings

Newsletter – the practice is very happy to support the PPG if they would like to produce a newsletter, and we would post it on the website. We have a notice board they can use. The PPG stated that they could contribute to a Practice Newsletter as they do with the PPG Board. The PPOG stated they do not have the capacity to produce a newsletter.

PPG Terms of Reference

Updates were given from Ingrid. Ingrid, Ashok, and Sue had a meeting to look at the TOR. PI was meant to be in on the meeting. Initial reading thought it was broadly ok but questions on how things get enacted need exploring. Action: to pull together the questions and have a discuss with Patricia involved.


Some the concerns that have risen are with regards to the AGM:

  • How to under the current TOR. 
  • Have not been an AGM for many years. 
  • Should be looking at having an AGM as may broaden the diversity / increase in members. 
  • Encouraged to contact Haringey Healthwatch who may be able to help with arranging this – e.g. using Event Brite
  • Sheila Connellan and Patricia will work together to look at how to increase membership
  • Esther will circulate the details of the next Haringey PPG meeting
  • Link the AGM date to a health presentation event to encourage uptake – look at the demographic to see what is more relevant

Any other business

One of the questions raised, was how do patients get copies of their test results/reports. We are encourage patients to use the NHS APP. You can review results and other your prescriptions.

With regards to communication these were the items that were discussed:

  • Newsletter – if the PPG want a newsletter and produce what they want in it, we are happy to help set it out. The practice adds news to the practice website. Looking at the best way to do this. 
  • Notice Board – we can allocate one of the notice boards solely for the PPG – Patricia to arrange
  • Poster on clinical roles – Gary to send revised copy to the members
  • eConsult – how it works in the background poster. 
  • All PPG minutes are now posted on the practice website
  • Frequency - as we were new were happy to have regular meeting regularly. We would like to revert to quarterly meetings. The PPG would like the meetings to be monthly as that is what the regularity of the meetings were rather than quarterly. The PPG stated a compromise would be 6 weeks.

Date of the Next meeting

July 5th, 2022 @3:00pm via Teams