PPG: Meeting Minutes 25th January 2023



  • Date: 25th January 2023
  • Time: 3:00pm via Teams
  • Attendees: Ingrid Babcock (IB), Patricia Idusogie (PI), PM Hurley Ashok Jadeja (AJ), Esther Meyerson (EM), Chair John Rokos (JR), Mary Weaving (MW), Sagal Kullane (SK), Sheila Connellan (SC),  Hurley Sioux Thorn (ST), Hurley Sue Hunter (SH)
    Unless otherwise stated, attendees are PPG members

Agenda Items

Welcome & Apologies: (EM)

EM welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies were received from Gary Beard, Adrienne Banks, Mandy Oliver, Dr George Zumbadze (had to attend to an urgent visit, he sends his apologies), John Hadley, Mandy Oliver & Viv

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting (EM)

Last meeting minutes for December 7th, 2022 were agreed. Can be published. Ingrid – comment re ToR. The working part had been doing some work on it and were awaiting feedback. Minutes agreed after the correction are made and can be put on the website.

Matters arising from the last meeting:

Notes from the last meeting:

PPG Terms of Reference (from previous meeting)

Website Group – Esther to send an email to ask for volunteers to help Judd. What is the remit? To go through the SGP website and make recommendations to make it more inclusive for the patients, and to look at look at the PPG part – what can be improved, added etc. All of the websites have been assessed by the Plain English Scheme. How to communicate changes on the website to patients – for consideration. E.g. add to the practice telephone waiting message, the screen in the waiting room, on the prescriptions.

Blind Copies

A concern was raised that permissions should be sought to send emails – there ought to be an agreement within PPG members to share email addresses It was raised that if you use reply all – all the email addressed appear. Do this Group agree to their emails being shared?

Form to be created for those elected to be members of the steering group where they give permission.

Communication re Apps

The PPG have requested to have some information to explain what the different Apps available are and what they offer and for that information to be added to the website. Practice report and agree shared information and proposed template

Terms of Reference

Appreciation for all the work done on it.

PPG Steering Group

  • What is the difference between the PPG and PPG steering committee? · What were the reasons for the changes? · What do we want to reflect as a PPG? · PPG members suggested that the practice arranges the PPG meeting


  • What is the difference between the PPG and PPG steering committee?
  • What were the reasons for the changes?
  • What do we want to reflect as a PPG?
  • PPG members suggested that the practice arranges the PPG meeting


  • Sheila C to give explanation of how it works at other PPG meeting
  • Mary to attend the Haringey PPG meeting and report back

Practice Report

  • HCA Libin leaving to go on maternity leave soon. New HCA started and is being inducted.
  • Recruited a practice nurse to start Feb 20th. 3 days a week.
  • Nurse Practitioner – have been advertising but have not been successful in attracting candidates despite 3 attempts.
  • Reception/ admin – despite several rounds of advertising, this has not been successful
  • GP advert is ongoing - no candidates have applied.
  • 3 complaints in December – long wait on phone lines, patient requesting what insurance provider to use, patient felt her medications were conflicting
  • 2 Complaints in January- one of the complaints was a patient who was requesting us to provide them with suggestions for private insurance
  • This is not something we provide; the patient was not happy that we could not give any suggestions. The second complaint was patient who is due for a structured Medication Review but has refused to take a blood test which helps with determine the best course of action for their health.
  • Improving uptake at the PPG meeting continues.
  • Face to face appointments have been increased to 60%
  • Progress of online booking – Waiting on NHS guidance.
  • 2 part time Physician Associates have joined to provide on the day appointments

CQC Action Plan

  • Staff feedback. Questionnaire circulated to get views. Will be working through their comments
  • Immunisation uptake low – looking at reasons for declines. Have sent further information to patients to explain the importance of the vaccination programme to encourage a wider uptake. Haringey / countrywide issue.
  • Over 65 Flu vaccinations - uptake is good. Under 65 uptake is poor despite continuing to offer.

Clinical Pharmacist

Rumana Chowdhury presented what services the Clinical Pharmacy team provide at SGP. Introduced the team and when they work

  • What can they do? Medication reviews, long term condition reviews, processing prescriptions, working with patients to switch to environmentally inhalers.
  • Offer both face to face appointments and telephone appointments
  • Clinical Pharmacists have built up a network of contacts with the community pharmacists
  • Esther presented her positive experience having an appointment with the clinical pharmacist
  • Ashok noted that he has seen improvements in the service provision
  • Wide- spread issues with supply issues Nationally.

Business Strategic plan (from previous meeting)

  • Will add to the next agenda as we ran of time.

Next meetings

March 15th, 2023 @ 3pm via Teams.