PPG: Meeting Minutes 25th Jan 2022



  • Date: 25th Jan 2022
  • Time: 3:00pm via Zoom
  • Attendees: Ingrid Babcock (IB) - PPG Patricia Idusogie - (PI) PM Ashok Jadeja (AB) - PPG Esther Meyerson (EM) - Chair PPG Mary Connolly (MC) - John Rokos (JR) - PPG Mary Weaving (MW) Deputy Chair -  PPG Adrienne Banks (AB) - PPG Gary Beard (GB) - Sheila Connellan (SC) - Sioux Thorn (ST)

Agenda Items

Welcome & Apologies: (EM)

EM welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies were received from Jud Barker, Juliet Donnelly, Viv, Victorine and Val.

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting (EM)

Last meeting Minutes were agreed. EM asked whether the notes from the PPG meetings were on the web site. PI stated that they are not on yet, it is been worked on. EM stated it would be nice to have the minutes on the new web site from when the Hurley stated. SC will contact Triview as this was to be completed in December.

Practice updates (GB,SC, ST & PI)

ST informed the group that there was a presentation to present to the group. The first slide addressed the progress that had been through January 22nd. Regular GP’s and the nurse team are continuing. The recruitment for Lead GP is in progress. With regards to staff turnover, 3 non-clinical staff are leaving and the current staffs are being trained to cover different roles and recruitment for additional staff is on the way. An advertisement has been placed for Hurley Group Clinical Pharmacist post as the first wave did not generate any candidates. One of the PCN staff – a Physio staff is leaving so the plan is to recruit to fill the post. Clinical Pharmacist potential candidates have applied. This post has been advertised and re-advertised and we hoping that candidates will apply. AB wanted to know what the role of the Clinical Pharmacist is in GP surgery. ST provided the Clinical Pharmacist role in GP practice. ST also shared with the group the training that had been provided to the non-clinical staff, mandatory training is has been completed and the individual training to widen skills is almost completed.

Patients who qualify are automatically invited for their COVID boosters, but it is proving to be a challenge to get patients to get the booster. Even though government restrictions have changed, patients will still be required to wear face covering except if they are exempt when visiting the surgery. Flu vaccine uptake is not great, we are still recalling patients to increase uptake, and our Federation is going to helping us with the recall process to increase uptake GB spoke about the increased numbers using eConsult. Numbers before Hurley was awarded contract, in September 152, and October 206, increasing to 397 in November & 436 in December. We are working hard to encourage patients to use eConsult. GB said eConsult improves access and some patients like this option, it gets patients to right person and it also reduces the stress on the phones. eConsult allows you to get your request resolved quicker. The aim is to get more patients to use eConsult.

The staff has had external training by the eConsult team. Staff has been trained on how to encourage our patients to use econsult and to help patients how to access it.

With regards to the renovation of the premises, options have agreed. Some of the suggestions that have been provided to the Landlord are reducing the congestion at the entrance of the practice, improving layout and number of consultation rooms and ensuring that facilities are up to date. The Landlord has submitted their proposal to the CCG and it is been discussed. Once we have an idea of how this would look then we would like the PPG’s input into the design

Carried forward from Last meeting. a. Practice Web site b. Patient Newsletter

To ensure that the PPG Meeting minutes can be added to the Web Site. IB had agreed to go through the practice web site and look at it from a patient’s perspective and see if you feel it has everything you would like it. IB said she will send her findings to the other members. Patient Newsletter a template was sent to the group to put in what they would like to have in the newsletter. Comments are needed in the next few weeks so that can have a draft for the next meeting. EM asked for a deadline for the 12th of February. The comments for Newsletter should be fed to Patricia.


Will be discussed at the next meeting.

Any other business

AJ asked a question about other facilities for phlebotomy. MC said that said that this was greatly needed, they asked for PI to investigate other options for blood test to be taken. We do provide blood test for patients over 75 years.

SC informed the group that phlebotomy is a commissioned service. The NHS has changed the format and we not able to do alone as we depend on supplies and equipment coming in centrally and for samples to be taken to the Lab. MW asked if this will be considered with the refurbishment of the premises. SC stated that this had been considered. MC asked if we can get more GP’s and SC explained what has happened as result of Covid occurring, many GP’s are retiring and some have left the country.

MW as if they were looking at the outside area of the practice, and SC stated that the area outside the Sexual Health area will be made more user friendly. SC said she had asked the council if an ambulance bay could be created to make it easy for the ambulance to come into the practice. MW asked about lateral flow test and if patients would be able to pick them up from the surgery. Unfortunately, this will not be available through the surgery as this will create the need for patients to access the premises and it will increase traffic in the

Date of the Next meeting

March 9th, 2022 @2:30ppm