PPG: Meeting Minutes 16th Mar 2022



  • Date: 16th Mar 2022
  • Time: 3:00pm via Teams
  • Attendees: Ingrid Babcock (IB) - PPG Patricia Idusogie - (PI) PM Ashok Jadeja (AB) - PPG Esther Meyerson (EM) - Chair PPG Jud Barker (JB) - John Rokos (JR) - PPG Mary Weaving (MW) Deputy Chair -  PPG Adrienne Banks (AB) - PPG Gary Beard (GB) - Sheila Connellan (SC) - Susan Hunter (SH) - Sioux Thorn (ST)

Agenda Items

Welcome & Apologies: (EM)

EM welcomed all to the meeting.  Apologies were received from Juliet Donnelly, Viv, Victorine and Val.

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting (EM)

Last meeting Minutes were agreed. EM asked whether the notes from the PPG meetings were on the web site. PI stated that they are not on yet, it is been worked on. SC to contract provider Tree view to have it placed on the website.

Practice updates (GB,SC, ST & PI)

ST presented a slide with current updates, which highlighted the appointments and staffing since the last meeting. We offer 72 appointments per 1000 patient, which could be with a GPA, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or clinical pharmacist.

eConsult uptake has increased 3-fold since November and is responsible for providing at least 4 clinical sessions per week.

Advertisement was placed for 2 Full Time clinical Lead post and interviews have been scheduled.

3 new receptionist in post filled to replace vacant post.

The First Contact Physiotherapist resigned. The PCN (Primary Care Network is the process of recruiting to these posts.

Haringey Health Watch and Chair Mystery telephone shopping feedback

Health Watch Report highlighted concerns regarding call pick-ups. In response to the report, we are introducing a wider variety of options for callers to select from e.g. Include where patients are in the queue, inform of how to order repeat prescriptions, changing the time to call for results to when more staff are available, include information on how to access results online and information on online consultations and online access. There be will changes to staff available hours to help with calls during peak times. The mystery caller was cut-off after 3 attempts in January, which was the day after the bank holiday. Even though the call volume has not really changed, the complexity of the calls is quite high. The average length of call is 7 minutes but some can be as long as 20 minutes.

Typically, October through January are usually the busiest times for every surgery. We were praised for the web site lay out and content.

What is new? We will introduce eConsult First from May.

Extended Access, weekend opening, which we are organizing. Online bookings, which we are waiting for further guidance from NHSE how to introduce to patients.

EM asked what eConsult First was and she asked if there would be online bookings to have a triage call.

ST said it is the first point of access, we are aware that this option would not suit everyone, as some patients do not have access to a smart phone or PC or due to language barrier will not be able to use it. It is a form that a patient fills up online, where the patient is asked a series of questions as what illness they currently have, it is set up with red flags so that if you had  chest pain you will not be allowed to complete the form. It is for non-urgent cases (advice, prescription queries). The form is sent electronically to the practice. It filters out items that can be processed by the non-clinical team and items that should be processed by the clinical team.  We will create an alert, which will show that it is not an option for the patient. It will be a flexible list that can be changed.

Communication. a. Practice Web site b. Patient Newsletter

Having the PPG minutes on the Web Site. Due to amalgamation issues, this is why there has been a delay. It is in the process of been sorted.

IB asked the group what items they want on the Newsletter. How does the group see the Newsletter such as promoting the flu jab in the winter seasons, providing information to patients?

EM said it would be useful for the practice to have a Newsletter, as there had never been one.  SC will send a Newsletter template. EM wanted to know what other PPG’s put on their Newsletter. ST stated the newsletter should have events happening with the PPG, it can a health awareness or promotion. GB said that we are looking for the content for the newsletter. GB also said that we are happy to create the document and make it look nice for the PPG, but what we are asking is that the PPG lead on what want in it in collaboration with us. GB will send out template for the newsletter. In light of what appears to be a completely different concept of a patient newsletter between THG and the PPG, EM said that the PPG  would need to consider how it wished to take forward a PPG newsletter rather than what the PPG had envisioned as a patient newsletter that would be a joint effort between the practice and the PPG

Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre and  Wood GREEN Community Integrated Hub

EM said she has seen different presentations for both the diagnostic center and the Wood Green integrated Hub been called different names. EM sent an email to the person responsible for the communication at the Whittington to clarify what the difference is. It seems that the name was inter- changed depending on where the presentation where been held. The diagnostic center is the first part that is opening. The center will be providing blood test, x-rays and ultrasounds. It will be easily accessible and more centered. Will open on the 22nd of June 2022. This is the link to the web site.

EM asked all to keep an eye on the web site for further developments. 

Any other business

AGM to be addressed at the April meeting.

EM said the Terms of Reference has to be changed as the previous Terms of Reference were between Federated4Health and the PPG.

EM stated that the Practice Manager and a Clinical Lead should attend the PPG meetings. ST said it is not always possible for a clinical lead in the meetings due to their clinics. PPG members challenged this and felt that for real engagement between SGP and the patients, surely it was worth the time allocated every 6 weeks to a PPG meeting for the clinical lead or representative to attend PPG meetings. 
JB said that it would be great to have the minutes disseminated early.  ST asked if there was a volunteer to take the minutes. EM asked the group if anyone wanted to volunteer to be the secretary to take the minutes.    EM referred to the Terms of Reference where it states that SGP was responsible for minute taking and other administrative tasks supporting the PPG.  ST stated that due to staffing issues we do not have the capacity to pull another staff member to take the minutes.

A working party of PPG volunteers, IB, AJ and SH together with PI will look at reviewing the ToR.

Date of the Next meeting

April 28th, 2022 @3:00pm